Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hurry up and wait

This week has gone by pretty quickly. Sunday, We went and watched Brett's dad run his 4th Iron Man! We admire Bob so much for all his hard work. He beat his time last year by 33 minutes! He says that he is going to retire though and that this will be his last year. However, he really inspired Brett and so as soon as the baby is born...(give or take a week or two:) I am going to start training with Brett! He hasn't fully committed to running the Ironman but he thinks that he would like too. It was great to see all the family that came up from utah to support Bob. We had a fun family gathering at His cousins Jim and Jamie Sues house. I ran into their screen door. I wish I could blame the pregnant belly for this blunder. However the screen got fixed and Lovingly everyone laughed with me at me so that I didn't feel quite as stupid and awkward as I should've.:)
My favorite holiday is quickly approaching! 9 days left until we can sit out side and watch the fireworks. When I reflect on this same time of year one year ago. It's amazing how far we've come.
We are preparing for Brett's family to come up this next week! We are so excited to have everyone up for the fourth of July. Both Brett and I just love this holiday. We love that everyone takes pride in their country. It would be nice if that pride was spread out a little more through out the year!

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