Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today is our first blog. We don't really have to much going on. We are definately enjoying the snow! We finally got some! We just came back from our trip that we took to Canada to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! It's crazy how fast a year goes by. We still feel like we have only been married a couple of weeks. We are very excited for christmas this year! We have our christmas tree up and our stockings hung! Leica and Izzy even have their own little dog stockings. I made a special spiced hot cocoa mix that we have been enjoying as a night time treat. This is going to be our first christmas in our new home and it's exciting !
Life just keeps getting busier. Both of us will be going to school in January. Brett is going for a degree in Business Management and I will just be getting some general studies out of the way until i can decide what I truly want to do. I still think that I would really like to be a wedding planner of some sort:)
Being pregnant brings on a whole other set of challenges into the equations. It's exciting to get ready to be parents, scary at the same time though.
Brett is still working at Cabelas in Optics. I am still working at Mountain West Bank.